Membership Application

CouncilONE Advisors is a San Francisco Bay Area association of trusted advisors to business and to business people. Our members are well-regarded, experienced professionals who serve primarily C-level executives and the owner/managers of smaller businesses. If you meet that profile, we welcome you to attend two meetings and then apply. Membership is subject to approval.

Please provide all the required information below. After you have completed the application, please click the submit button and pay the $50 application fee on the next screen.

Annual membership dues are $700 and there is a $50 non-refundable application fee. There is no additional charge for attending the monthly meetings. Please see additional payment information at the end of this form.


In order for the Council to function well and to provide the greatest benefit to its members and the clients we all serve, each member's participation is important. In applying for membership, you agree to make attendance at the Council's regular meetings a business priority. Any member who misses two meetings in a row or more than three meetings per membership year may be refused renewal of their membership. Special circumstances should be discussed with your group leader.

We expect members to conduct themselves in a friendly, professional, and courteous manner. Any member who does not may be asked to leave the organization. In such instance, dues will not be refunded.

In signing this application or submitting it electronically, you, the applicant, agree to the above and warrant that the information you provided on this application is true and correct.


When you click the Register button below, you will be linked to the registration fee payment page. Please pay the Registration Fee immediately to enable the application review process. Once your application is approved we will send you an email with a link to purchase and pay the full annual membership fee of $700.
Please pay your $50 non-refundable application fee using your existing PayPal account, use PayPal's Guest Checkout (no PayPal account required), or pay by check.
Please note that PayPal may limit the use of the Guest Checkout and your payment might not be accepted. In that case please create a PayPal account before submitting your application. You may also indicate that you are paying by check and mail the check (see below). Once this form is submitted a copy of your online application will also be emailed to you.

If you prefer to pay by check,  mail it to:

Council One Advisors, PO Box 4933, Walnut Creek CA 94596