Membership Information

CouncilONE Advisors is a Business to Business Network.

Members are experienced professionals, primarily involved in business-to-business consulting services.


Where else can you connect with hundreds of high-level consultants monthly?

Pick one of seven small groups that meet for breakfast throughout the San Francisco bay area. Each group peaks at 25 members to maintain the close-touch opportunity to connect.

For a complete list of the cities where clubs meet click here.

Expand Your Network in the Bay Area

Don’t stop there. As a member of one group you are entitled to visit as many other clubs as often as you want. These visits are all covered in one low, annual fee.


Bring your expertise to other professionals.

A unique aspect of membership is the opportunity to meet in a trio – over breakfast – coffee – drinks – dinner. Getting to know each other builds trust and often leads to new opportunities.


Grow your business while growing professionally. Each meeting is highlighted by featuring an overview of the unique business offering that a member brings to other members.

There aren’t any direct competitors in each group. This gives you the chance to be the only person in your group that does what you do.

For a complete list of professions click here.

Membership Criteria

Our membership is comprised of experienced professionals, primarily involved in business-to-business consulting services. We look for new members who will both benefit from and contribute value to our other members, and to the business community at large. In order to be considered for membership you must work as a trusted advisor providing consulting services to business owners and executives, and be an experienced professional with a high level of competency. Our members’ role with clients is consultative, strategic, and relationship-oriented rather than transactional.

Interested in Joining?

Are you are an experienced professional who meets the membership criteria? Please note, people whose primary job is business development do not meet CouncilONE’s membership criteria.

First step: Attend a monthly meeting of a CouncilONE group. Know a current Council member? Please contact that person for an invitation. If you do not know a member of CouncilONE, please contact us directly for an invitation at

We will try to match you with a group that is convenient for you and that doesn’t have a direct competitor.

After attending you may apply for membership. All applications must be accompanied with payment of a non-refundable application fee of $50. The full annual membership fee of $700 is due after approval of the application.

Click here for the membership application.

Non-Discrimination Policy

CouncilONE Advisors (“Council” or “CouncilONE”) will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual or affectional preference, age, or handicap in any of its policies, procedures, or practices.

This policy of non-discrimination covers all activities conducted by or on behalf of the Council, including, but not limited to, selection of members, the conduct of meetings and employment.