Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your members?

CouncilONE members are experienced professionals who provide a diverse range of primarily business-to-business consulting services. Council members are well regarded in their fields and have a high level of competency in their respective areas of expertise. They work primarily with business owners and executives. For more information, please see the About page. To browse members by profession, please visit the Find Advisors page.

Is CouncilONE a leads group?

NO. The Council is an association of professionals who want to build a business-to-business network of peers. It is not about bringing "leads" to the meetings. Our members recognize that making referrals reflects on them, so they want to feel confident that someone they refer to a client has the necessary expertise and will come through for the person. This sort of trust arises out of building trusted relationships with the other experienced business consultants who are experts in their fields.

What is the value of membership?

In addition to referrals, members appreciate having the expanded network of experienced trusted advisors. They tell us that they feel they can better serve their clients because of the additional resources they have as a result of their CouncilONE membership, and also what they learn at meetings. They get business insights so are better informed when having discussions with clients and prospective clients.

But isn't CouncilONE a networking organization?

Yes, it is. Real networking isn't about trying to collect business cards or "leads," but about building relationships with other experienced professionals. Members find that sharing their experience with other members and building relationships with them is much more effective than going for leads. Active participation by members increases their visibility and other members' awareness of their areas of expertise. This is networking for professionals.

Are there different types of memberships?

There is one type of membership, an individual membership for professionals who meet our membership criteria.

How does one become a member?

After attending as a guest, interested professionals can apply to join. The membership committee reviews all applications and seeks input from members who have interacted with the applicant to ensure they meet our membership criteria and are well thought of by members of the group they are applying to join.

If I join, does my company become a member?

An important precept of CouncilONE Advisors is that it is the individual who is the member, not the company.

Some of our members are independent business consultants or have their own firms, and others work for larger companies such as law and accounting firms. In any case, it is still the individual person who is the member. However, this does not preclude a member’s company from paying for the membership dues.

What kind of events does CouncilONE Advisors hold?

Each of our groups holds a monthly breakfast meeting for its members and guests. At these meetings, experts speak about diverse areas of business interest providing valuable business and regulatory information. In addition, there is usually a discussion topic, often about local and national business conditions, enabling attendees to both exhibit their knowledge and expertise and learn about these topics from each other. The cost of the meetings is included in the annual membership fee, so there is no extra charge to attend them. Members may attend the other groups' meetings as well as the one in which they have primary membership.

In addition, CouncilONE holds all-member social and team building events and looks for other opportunities that would benefit our members and the business community in general.

How does CouncilOne improve business conditions in the San Francisco Bay Area?

We believe that more knowledgeable, better informed professionals with a broad pool of resources behind them in the form of fellow professionals with other areas of specialization, can better serve their clients – primarily Bay Area businesses – and thereby improve business conditions not just for members and their clients, but the entire business environment.

What is the structure of the Council of Business Advisors?

The Council is a 501(c)(6) non-profit business league. It is a professional association with a set of bylaws that provide for its governance. It is a member-driven organization with a Board of Directors and an Executive Director who is responsible for working with the Board and its committees to ensure a high value experience for members and continued growth of the organization.

Are there opportunities to get more involved in the organization?

Yes, there are. At the group level, each of our groups has a leader, a host, a membership lead and a programs lead, and we are always looking for members who are interested in these roles, especially when we are considering starting a new group.

At the organization level, the Board of Directors consists of both group leadership and members at large. Participation on the Board is another option that is open to members. Board members are elected on an annual basis.